Sun River

Folk rock from Denmark.  
"Overall the album is saturated by a dreamy, chilled-out atmosphere, with the production emanating a warm and natural glow, allowing the room it was recorded in a prominent place in the mix. One can almost smell the wood of guitars and drums and feel the warmth of glowing amplifier tubes when listening to this album. This is the kind of music that's perfect for summer afternoons, or for driving somewhere, or nowhere, in twilight. These nine compositions invites the listener to join the flow and roll gently towards the sun." - El Paraiso  


Danny Brown - Grown Up

pretty much speaks for itself.

Paul Kalkbrenner - Icke Wieder MegaMix

Here's a really nice minimal techno mix of the best tracks off Paul Kalbrenner's 2011 release Icke Wieder. Grab a pair of headphones and dive deep.  


Beachwood Sparks - Forget The Song

Check out Beachwood Sparks full length and prepare for frequent spins as the summer days get shorter and your beach fire nights grow longer, as we bleed into fall and grasp tightly to that fleeting sun tan induced optimism.  Really perfect throwback americana / classic folk rock, with wicked earthy summer vibes.  Subpop seems to be continuing to double down on their bets on the new-folk sound that they've helped to establish with acts like The Head & The Heart, Fleet Foxes, Fruit Bats, Iron & Wine, Blitzen Trapper and more.  For this, we thank them.  Enjoy the warm nights with this record, let it keep you warm as they grow colder.     I know its still July, but they're coming. 


Rhye - Open

 Just stumbled across this one while checking the similar artist function on Spotify (was listening to a AlunaGeorge, whose 2012 EP You Know You Like It is also worth a listen or 20). "Open", by mystery duo Rhye, is the kind of sultry track that pulls you in with minimal downtempo beats, emotive strings, and the nonchelant bedroom vocals so smooth you'll have to change the sheets. One peak at the NSFW official video for the song, posted below, and its no wonder Victoria Secret tapped the track for a commercial that hit the web last week (watch).