Mina Tindle - Carry Many Small Things

Mina Tindle's debut EP dropped a week or two ago and the above track has become something of an obsession for me.  It's rare that I prefer to listen to a song while watching it's video, but something about the bizarro-romantic-retro-basketball-sexy-footloose-randomness of the above keeps me coming back for repeated views.  Despite the obvious comparison to Feist (tell me this track's not iPod commercial material), this 6 track EP is a promising sign of what's to come from this gal.  Carry Many Small Things starts the EP out with a punch that cools down significantly with a couple indie folk numbers such as the fantastic "Echo":

Here's a nice striped down version of Carry Many Small Things:  

This whole things got me wanting to take french lessons. . . .


Tycho - Dive

If Capri Sun was a rave drug, this is what I'd listen to while drinking it.  Ambient electronic vibes from San Fran producer / designer Scott Hansen (producer name: Tycho, Designer name ISO50).  This music is like a polariod picture, fuzzy in all the right spots, crystal clear in all the right spots, giving your memories the qualities of dreams.  You can almost feel the evening breeze coming off the surf in these tracks, taste the salt on your lips as sun kissed days fade into dark, full of nostalgia for what's passed and excitement for what's to come.  The new record Dive is out now digitally, physical is due around mid November on Ghostly International.  

Heres some tracks from his soundloud.  So far Coastal Break is my fav.

I'm hoping to catch his set this coming weekend when he plays Music Hall of Williamsburg on 10/16 (CMJ warmup anyone?).  Looks like there'll be a little visual accompaniment:



Peter and Kerry

I'm doing a project for an A&R class about music discovery tools online, and its distracting as hell.  Spent about 5 minutes over at wearehunted.com before this one caught my ears.  Like it allot. 

These kids are label mates at Tape Club Records.  This poppy little EP they joined up for is just off kilter enough to stay interesting.  The EP is def worth checking out if "Knees" is your cup of tea (note tea reference in a post about a British band.  Bonus points).  

Peter and Kerry - Knees.

If you'll be spending this weekend seeking new sounds like Columbus sought new continents (Columbus day weekend reference, bonus points), here are some of the other sites I'm writing about for the A&R project:

Old Friend

Gearing up for fall.  The mixtape is in the works.  Not sure if I should finish it before a trip to VT this weekend, or use this weekend as inspiration.  I do know that this song will be on it, its been on repeat lately.  Caveman - Old Friend: Caveman -Old Friend


James Blake - Enough Thunder

Just in time for fall James Blake is set to release more of his signature dark dreamy future R&B.  After a year that found him at the top of the buzz list, this EP should read something like a victory lap for the young Blake, who's debut LP released last February is sure to top many year end lists.  

I dug the eerily beautiful post dubstep featured on his first 3 EP's, but he surprised all of us when he broke out of that mold by releasing an album comprised of influences from across the spectrum of modern popular music that was more than the sum of its parts.  Hooky but off beat, Blake's self titled EP fell into a space between the bedroom and the club, a moving and mellow portrait of the emotional potential electronic music can contain.  Central to it's sound is Blake's voice, an element no one saw coming in anticipating this album.  But the guy can sing.  Easily as affecting as Justin Vernon or Thom Yorke, Blake has the kind of soulfully sad voice so full of longing that cuts straight to your core.  Speaking of Vernon, Blake gets the Bon Iver bump on the third track off Enough Thunder, entitled "Fall Creek Boys Choir".
The cut that's sure to get the most spins for me is Blake's cover of the Joni Mitchel song "Case of You".  Been obsessed with this since he debuted it live on BBC Radio 1.  I was lucky enough to catch Blake's first stateside performance last march, which was mind blowing.  His encore performance of this track cut my comrade's and I so deep we had to wash it off with multiple cocktails and hours of discussion.  
look for the Enough Thunder EP to drop October 10th.