DJ Koze - Amygdala

I was going through pictures on my phone from SXSW (I swear there's a SXSW post coming sometime soon), and I found a screen shot I took of the following tweet: 

reasons why this is awesome: 

1) I had the brain juice left after 6 days of insanity to know that I would not remember this tweet, and the forethought to take a screen shot in anticipation of SXSW induced amnesia.

2) I started listening to this record today, and it is, indeed, incredible.  Sometimes I hear something on first listen and I just know, already, that this will be one of my favorite records of the year.  This record has it all, a genre bashing mountain of psychedelic electronic music.  At times just weird enough, at times deep and introspective, at times blissed-out and beach ready.  

You can listen to the entire record through Pampa Records soundcloud page.


Daughter's first two EP's landed a solid spot on my best of 2011 list.  To this day, I still find myself going back to stark, sad songs on late night subway rides.  In anticipation of the band's first full length album release (US April 30th on Glassnote), this video surfaced yesterday of Daughter covering Bon Iver's "Perth" into Hot Chips "Ready for the Floor".



Closing my eyes and imagining its not still March. . . 

This EP plays like the best Phoenix and / or Kings Of Convenience remixes.  Also, huge Justice reference on "Continuum".  But thats ok, I will end up blasting these tracks regardless.  

Baths - Miasma Sky

I've mentioned him on the site before, referencing Baths' 2010 record Cerulean as one of my favorites of that year.  I still freak on that record, finding new depths in the weirdly beautiful broken electronic pop this LA producer created.  Not long ago I was chatting with a friend about this guy, wondering when we were going to get some new productions from him to obsess over.  And then, as if the angels from over at Anticon Records were listening in on my conversation, here comes the first single from Baths yet to be released sophomore album Obsidian (5/28/13).  

It's worth mentioning that a little under a month ago another Baths related song hit the web, a pairing with Japanese singer / composer Cokiyu.  The track plays like a blissed out remix of a Múm track.  Nice.

On An On - Give In

A couple weeks back I went to see a favorite band, Tiny Victories, play a set at Glasslands.  They were opening for On An On, who I had never heard up until that point.  Fast forward to this week, and this record is on repeat.  It's unique blend of big rock hooks and atmospheric electronics, all run through a production filter straight out of Instgram, make this an engaging listen on a good pair of headphones or a booming sound system. "Ghosts" has been stuck in my head for days.  


Bibio - Á tout á l'heure

New psychedelic folk tinged electronic track from Bibio.  Full length is out 5/14/13 via Warp records.  You can download this beauty in exchange for an email address below.