Baths - Miasma Sky

I've mentioned him on the site before, referencing Baths' 2010 record Cerulean as one of my favorites of that year.  I still freak on that record, finding new depths in the weirdly beautiful broken electronic pop this LA producer created.  Not long ago I was chatting with a friend about this guy, wondering when we were going to get some new productions from him to obsess over.  And then, as if the angels from over at Anticon Records were listening in on my conversation, here comes the first single from Baths yet to be released sophomore album Obsidian (5/28/13).  

It's worth mentioning that a little under a month ago another Baths related song hit the web, a pairing with Japanese singer / composer Cokiyu.  The track plays like a blissed out remix of a Múm track.  Nice.

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