Matthew E. White - Will You Love Me

I found this guy through Stereogum's 40 Best New Bands of 2012 list.  Album's a bit of a grower, but well well worth it.  Pick yourself up a copy here.  Homeboy's on tour right now with The Mountain Goats, who also had a great release this year, Transcendental Youth (check single  Cry For Judas).  



Wikipedia calls this nu-folk meets 90s R&B.  Ok.  They're sisters.  So there's probobly a lot for the PR folks to push there.  Its pretty darn pretty stuff.


My Bubba & Mi - Peaches Cover

File under NSFW: My Bubba & Mi perform Peaches' song "Fuck the Pain Away" live at KEXP Hostel in Reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves '12. Recorded on November 1, 2012. 


new Local Natives on the way

Here's to November not even being over yet, and already looking forward to the new tunes 2013 will bring.  Local Native's 2009 record Gorilla Mannor remains a favorite, with tracks like Airplanes and . . .fuck it the whole record is amazing.  Their follow up Hummingbird will hit stores on 1/29 via Frenchkiss.  The above track "Breakers" is the first single, 1000 copies of which can be ordered on shiny 7" Vinyl, shipping 12/11.  Preorder here.  


Jessica Pratt

“I never wanted to ever start a record label. Ever. But there is something about her voice I couldn't let go of. It's an actual voice. An actual beautiful voice. This ones a classic sounding voice. Not to mention her song writing, recording and guitar playing. JESSICA PRATT’s music feels like I have found a lost LP of an old forgotten mystical folk singer, that feeling of discovering a record all by myself: Without the help of friends or the Internet. Like Stevie Nicks singing over David Crosby demos, with the intimacy of a Sibylle Baier. I am in love with it. So much, that I saved up and threw all my money to get it into this world. I actually care about it, no matter which way the winds blow.”—Tim Presley, White Fence

Purchase Jessica Pratt here


Sinkane - Mars [LP]

Big time love for DFA Records latest release, some afro-psych-disco-funk-trance from Sinkane.  Pour yourself another chai-latte and trance out to this one, friendo.    

AC Newman - I'm Not Talking

This one's been on repeat for a couple weeks now. . . New record is Shut Down The Streets available now on Matador.