Futurebirds - Baba Yaga

Futurebirds track APO is one of my favorites.  The Athens band is back with a brand new record brimming with their brand of humid and frayed southern rock, this time out on Fat Possum.

Cayucas - Bigfoot

Anticipating this being big for me this summer. Most conversations I've had about this record so far have gone like this: "This sounds like Beck" followed by "Who gives a fuck, Spring is here and this is fucking awesome". Stereogum, who has the full record streaming at their site, insists that this is a sufier / sunier version of Local Natives, which I suppose also works.  Either way, beach season is almost here, and despite my favorite spot being closed for 2013, it's time to start planning playlists for Lil' Thumper to blast to all the bikini clad babes of my imaginary pool party. Pre-order this baby over at Secretly Canadian's website (Deluxe version includes a beach ball!) or pick it up when it hits your local shop this Tuesday the 30th. 


Mark Kozelek and Jimmy LaValle

I'm a big fan of both Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon, formerly of The Red House Painters) and Jimmy LaValle (The Album Leaf). Naturally, I'm pumped to hear what happens when you mix moody atmospheric electronics with moody songwriting. It's gonna get moody up in here! Hits shelves April 30th (pre-order), or you can pre-stream the whole thing over at P4k.  


Low - Invisible Way

This new Low record has been something of an obsession for me of late. While the two tracks below are certainly album high points, its the understated songs that thread between these that are keeping this in heavy rotation at the moment.  

It takes a lot of talent to make depression sound this good. 


Modest Midas

This band recently came across my radar - having a really hard time finding any info on them outside of their Facebook page, where you can listen to some recordings of a rehearsal. But last night in the LES, as I watched the very talented CultFever play, some friends from Swear and Shake could not stop talking about how impressed they were with the Modest Midas set they had just caught next door with all of about 8 people. So put it on your radar, and lets hope for some more recordings from these guys soon.   

"In Search Of Magic" (a live film with Modest Midas) from Kevin de Wilde on Vimeo.


Cloud Boat

While everyone collectively freaks out about the new James Blake record (and rightfully so), check out Cloud Boat.  Ghostly experimental beats with choir boy vocals breaking through the fog. (And yes, I am just sitting going through all of the sets on Apollo Records soundcloud page today.)  

Synkro - Spirals

Been feeling these ambient influenced downtempo bass tracks as we wait for spring to break here in the north east.  Favorites include "Spirals" and "Illuminations".