Grey Reverend

Discovered Grey Reverend through Bonobo's stunning new record The North Borders, where he's featured as the vocalist on opening track "First Fires". "My Hands" is currently getting the obsessive repetitive play treatment over here. Looks like you can snag his new EP over at iTunes starting July 30th, and a new full length will hit September 2nd from Warp.   


Summer 2013 BBQ Playlist

This started as a little collaborative playlist between a friend and I back when "Get Lucky" first came out.  It was the early days of Spring, still shitty and raining all the time (wait, is that over yet?) and with the first Daft Punk single just released, there was a lot of g-chatter of "this is gonna be the song of the summer!" and "this is gonna be the best summer ever!", which lead to a discussion of this hypothetical BBQ at which this song would play, which lead to this playlist. Little did we know at that time that "Get Lucky" would become an omni-present pulse emanating from every bodega and cat-calendar-hanging-top-40-playing cubicle in the country. Regardless, that track remains on the playlist, along with around 70 other tracks released since the start of 2012 that we felt like playing at this imaginary BBQ. Its still growing, still changing, but as the 4th of July approaches, we here at MySundaySweater headquarters hope you enjoy the vibe.  Pour yourself a drink, hit shuffle and let it play.