Nels Frahm - Felt

Im super grateful to have been turned on to this record through NPRs All Songs Considered podcast (highly recommend you subscribe to that one).  This is in heavy rotation when I'm in need of ambient tunes. I think what's most gripping about this is all the captured noise that surrounds the notes. It gives it this gentle industrial quality, as if you're hearing what it's like to be inside the instrument, rather than experiencing the sounds coming out of it.  
Sample some shitty youtube uploads: Less Familiar More 
Buy some good sounding copies!: iTunes, Erased Tapes 

Calexico - Algiers

Personal favs Calexico have an album due next Tues, Sept 11th.  You can preview the entire thing over at their facebook page.  So far my personal standout is the intimate number "Fortune Teller", listen here.