DJ Koze - Amygdala

I was going through pictures on my phone from SXSW (I swear there's a SXSW post coming sometime soon), and I found a screen shot I took of the following tweet: 

reasons why this is awesome: 

1) I had the brain juice left after 6 days of insanity to know that I would not remember this tweet, and the forethought to take a screen shot in anticipation of SXSW induced amnesia.

2) I started listening to this record today, and it is, indeed, incredible.  Sometimes I hear something on first listen and I just know, already, that this will be one of my favorite records of the year.  This record has it all, a genre bashing mountain of psychedelic electronic music.  At times just weird enough, at times deep and introspective, at times blissed-out and beach ready.  

You can listen to the entire record through Pampa Records soundcloud page.

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