Young Man

One of my most played records of the summer, Young Man's Boy EP, is gonna see its proper full length follow up at the end of the month.  I somehow missed the EP last year, pretty sure it was released in August when I was on an epic cross country move.  But one day my roommate was playing it off a Urban Outfitter comp or something like that and I had one of those "I have to know what this is right now" moments.  The sound is has a super mellow beach vibe with hints of psychedelia, like a combination of Panda Bear, Beach Boys, and a nerdier Jack Johnson.  I loved the EP, but didn't fully realize its awesomeness until lying around in bed on hot summer mornings.  Opening track, "Five":

The new record is out 9/27.  Here's the video for the first track "Enough"

 Buy the EP, pre-order the LP here

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