Jamie Isaac

On a recent trip to London I saw Jamie Isaac's name on a bill for a free show.  After hearing about one minute of his music I bookmarked his Bandcamp page, but kind of spaced him after that as I never made it to the gig that night.  I've been really enjoying  minimal and ambient music over the last year or so, most likely because it chills me the fuck out when I'm running between internships, classes, my thesis, and the rest.  Isaac's music is built on the fundamentals of downtempo and post-dubstep, all with a ghostly atmosphere courtesy of morphed vocals and sparse piano.  I can't stop thinking of this perhaps cliche image of a coastal town at dawn, grey and still with a heavy fog waiting to burn off.  With six singles posted on his bandcamp page, it will be interesting to see how Isaac's music evolves with a proper release.  No news on a date on that yet.    

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