Jim James - Regions of Light and Sound of God

Initially this record kind of missed the mark for me - perhaps the depth of this cosmic swamp party left me grasping at air trying to get a handle on it. A fair amount of background listens made for a nice atmosphere, but nothing that really sunk its hooks into me. Until I caught his set this past Monday at Webster Hall. Holy smokes. James proved himself a true entertainer, running the stage like some kind of evangelical rock'n'roll maniac, with face melting guitar solos and svengali saxophone weird-outs. I think, somewhere during an extended psychedelic jam, I tweeted something along the lines of "Jim James is taking me to the dark side of the moon. Remind me to pick my face up off the floor when this is over". 

The best live shows leave me wanting to return to the recordings, finding new life in them as I relive what the artist was able to breath into the music live. The best live shows prove my initial assessment of an album wrong (i love being wrong, especially when it's because something opened me up and allowed me to hear a record through a new lens). As such, here's a post about Regions of Light and Sound of God, a couple months too late, but what the heck, when it comes to great music, I'd rather be late to the table than never sit at it at all.     

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