First Aid Kit

One of my highlights from CMJ 2010 was the Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit.  I was floored when they told an entire bar to shut the fuck up so they could step in front of the mics and an do an unplugged version of the song Ghost Town off of their 2010 debut The Big Black and the Blue.  It takes more than guts to silence an NYC crowd - you have to be able to back it up. They held the audience in rapt silence until the basement of The Delancey nearly exploded upon their finishing.  For me, with chills up my spine, it was one of those musical moments that only come along so often, but that I seek in going out night after night to hear bands.  I was grateful to the sisters for it.  

The duo's new record, titled The Lion's Roar, finds them expanding on the harmonic folk of their debut.  Their songwriting has matured, bringing with it a fuller sound that leans deeper into country and Americana territory.  Like its predecessor, the record is solid through and through.  Stream the whole thing over at NPR, or purchase it when it hits stores tomorrow (1/24).

track 2 (personal fav so far):

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