Lonesome Prison Blues

Happy Sunday from MySundaySweater headquarters.  This week, a gift for you.  When I was just a strapping young buck of about 17 my Deadhead older cousin passed me this Garcia bootleg from Oregon State Prison, 5/5/82.  At the time I was completely ignorant to the Dead, too small minded to conceptualize their massive catalogue, too intimidated by the wormhole like vortex of fandom that seemed to consume the lives of those who had drank the cool-aid, so to speak.  For me this bootleg was the perfect entry point - 11 tracks of americana that focus on the strength of the songwriting over improvisational prowess.  To this day it remains a staple for Sunday morning chilling, and a recording I love to play for my friends who claim to hate the Dead.  It always seems to turn some heads.  
This post is dead-icated (see what i did there?) to yesterdays brunch at Pies and Thighs, where the waitstaff was blasting the Dead all early afternoon.  

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