In the aeroplane over the sea

Two interesting things happened on my flight from Dublin to JFK yesterday.  The first was that when I boarded the plane and began to get settled Real Estate was playing.  Great choice Delta.  Real Estate's understated, mellow, rootsy pop gets better and better with each listen, and their 2011 album Days, which made my top 11 of '11, continues to receive heavy rotations here at MySundaySweater headquarters.  

The second was that Delta was hosting a couple episodes of TED talks on those little TVs on the back of the headrest.  I caught this one in which composer Benjamin Zander discusses music and passion.  I'm always interested in hearing someone's case for why they love a certain kind of music.  There's nothing like going back to a piece that didn't particularly catch your ear the first time, and re-listening to it after a friend has gotten all debate club about it.  Zander's TED talk transports your average uneducated listener and helps them to do more than just understand why the music is important, but to experience being moved by it.  This experience of being moved, this emotional connection to music, this is the thing that keeps us coming back, and by finding an entertaining way to bring people there, Zander is bringing new fans into his world.    

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